One day ill have super powers and rule the world!

For now though ill just draw!
Working in Ty-Bryn-Glass Foundation art institute, working on a portfolio and experimenting in different art styles

all images posted are my own original work unless stated other wise, or reblogged

Some people where i live dont know me, and i fucking love it.
Some people where i live dont like me, and i fucking know it.

— ScroobiusPip-Indrodiction

My name is Johny Depp, and i kill people.

— Scroobius Pip

Fuck this !

Im gona go sign up for Mars one!

Just drew cuebone probably my favourite pokemon next to charmander and squirtle :3 also need to finish boba fett.. But yeahh

I’m up in the woods,
I’m down in my mind.
I’m building a still;
To slow down the time.

— Woods - Bon Iver

More sketches :3

Watching monty python and doodling. Haven’t sketched in ages, forgotten how much i enjoy it.

Sketch of Terry Gilliam

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