One day ill have super powers and rule the world!

For now though ill just draw!
Working in Ty-Bryn-Glass Foundation art institute, working on a portfolio and experimenting in different art styles

all images posted are my own original work unless stated other wise, or reblogged

Brief summary of Another Earth

Guy- Hey, what you doing?
me- Just finished watching “Another Earth”
Guy- Oh cool whats that about?
me- its a film about a teenage girl who was driving under the influence, crashed into a family car, killed the mother and child and put the farther into a coma. she serves time and comes out after 4 years, and attempts to confront the man (now out of his coma) about what she had done and to appolagise, gets cold feet, and makes up an excuse she cleans houses, and thus - cleans his house for the next few weeks.. and eventualy they fall inlove with each other, and she realises she still needs to tell him, and when she does he hates her….
Guy- So… wait what has this got to do with a planet? or another earth?
me- oh that was just the writers way of puting a happy ending on the film, something about..  “hey i killed your wife and kids…… but hey they may still be alive on other earth….” THE END !
Guy- sounds like a shit film!
Me- agreed!

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