One day ill have super powers and rule the world!

For now though ill just draw!
Working in Ty-Bryn-Glass Foundation art institute, working on a portfolio and experimenting in different art styles

all images posted are my own original work unless stated other wise, or reblogged

I use to be obsessed with creating these back when i first came across photoshop! =]

Im going to do a propper one of these when i get the time, make my own planet, take my own senic shots… the resolution on some of these pictures im using really annoys me ! ha

i got bored so i did this… let me go to another planet now ? yes ?

Just found this tiger i did ages ago in illustrator and like every thing else i do.. its un finished haha ! may do something to it, finish it .. when i can be botherd
- Lets play Hide ‘n’ Seek

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