One day ill have super powers and rule the world!

For now though ill just draw!
Working in Ty-Bryn-Glass Foundation art institute, working on a portfolio and experimenting in different art styles

all images posted are my own original work unless stated other wise, or reblogged

Started my 8 page illustration of the story red riding hood today, so im kinda rushing it, uni starts back soon wooooo ! working like a true artist, iv learnt nothing from college about time management haha !

Two pieces i did after watching - In company with wolves - very strange film ! but enjoyable none the less !

still need to finish this ! alot like all my other drawings !

un finished .. like every thing else

Refrence to one of the early rendishions of Red Ridding hood

Red Riding Hoods cottage.. or maybe her Grans cottage

Larger scale Ink and watercolour representations Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Some illustrations iv recently done for Red riding hood, using ink and water colours

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